I haven’t left my home other than to go to work in weeks–as is the life when taking three summer courses. That being said, I still found lots of interesting design choices around my home! In this post, I’ve included four objects that I think made fairly good design choices.

For the first object, let’s look at color. (Note: I tried to embed flickr photos, but the resolution drops horribly. Instead, I’m embedding the links to these photos in flickr and including better resolution versions on here.)

I always think that color can add a huge impact to something. I think my boyfriend’s cologne is a good example of a nice color choice, in that many men’s care products are so bland or “SPORT” based, that this sticks out. The green of the label and the green of the bottle give a unity to this design that I think sticks out from the rest of the field.

For the next object, it is typography. Altoids tins have a very vintage look about them, and I believe that is due to the material (metal tin is pretty neat!) and the font choice. The strong ALTOIDS reminds me of mid-twentieth century advertising posters.

For the third, we deal with minimalism. This is a box from the company Care/of, which sells personalized vitamin packs. I think their use of negative space in the packaging is extremely modern and attractive, and the simplicity of their logo is admirable.

Finally, the last object deals with balance. This book has such a satisfyingly symmetrical cover. I think the geometric shapes balance each other as well, not using too much vertical or horizontal motion, but both to balance each other out.

Overall, this designblitz has given me a better understand of what design elements really are, which is apparently everything! Every choice is a design choice, which really makes you think of how designers must feel, walking around the world like the rest of us. Do they see art in everything?

4 thoughts on “DesignBlitz

  1. Hello hello! I think I had the same issues as you when uploading photos from Flickr. In the preview (the version you edit as you go) it does come up blurry/lower resolution, but if you preview in a new tab, it’ll show up clear! Give this a try and let me know if that works. I was worried about it to, but preview my drafts a bunch so that’s how I figured it out. I’m surprisingly underwhelmed with the Care/of packaging, I’ve never ordered it, but with all the advertising I thought it would be louder! I guess because of their approach to the vitamins being a for sure help, there’s no need to add the flair. What do you think? Also for the last image, the rectangle on the bottom throws off the symmetry for me. It’s like they wanted to add it with the rest in the middle, but it would be too busy.

    1. Hi Evelyn! Thanks so much for looking over my post 🙂 I think this is a great exercise in needing a second opinion! Lots of things that I see or understand look different for other people, which of course also works the other way around. I thought the book was nicely symmetrical, but I can see what you mean about the added block. I think it just works for me because it’s still centered. Design things are a bit of a struggle for me, and so I don’t really intend to do more with them, but I know if I do I’ll need a second opinion!
      Thanks again!

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